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Accesos Móviles

Symposium Institute of Art History & Center for Global Studies Bern University June 2017

The workshop Accesos móviles offered a platform of exchange for young researchers to discuss Modern and Contemporary Art produced by Latin American artists. It focused on the critical analysis of multilayered discourses on the subject. The use of the generalized term ‘Latin American Art’ brings to the fore the issue of associating art and geographies. Therefore, aesthetic and political questions are primarily interpreted in relation to geopolitical conditions.

Central questions during the workshop included:
How can we reframe a homogenous vision of art based on geographical criteria? What potential lies in artistic and curatorial strategies as well as in research approaches to identify and overcome dichotomies such as ‘Self and Other’, ‘Center and Periphery’ or ‘West and Rest’? Within the framework of global art history, the objective of this workshop was to reflect on major methods and theories and to consider alternative approaches (accesos móviles) related to art and Latin America.

My contribution ‘América do Sul, América do Sol, América do Sal’? Imaging Art from Latin America; the Artist’s Perspective focused on artists in the process of imaging art from Latin America and on the strategies they have adopted to manoeuvre in the albeit globalized, still biased art world when relating to their cultural background.