Nectar Art Projects

Yuca Sound Alibi & Time Issue

Publication Yuca December 2018

YUCA is an independent biannual publication integrating art, photography, culture, and literature. Each issue is inspired by an alibi that entices the reader to reflect upon cultural constructs and personal identities through visual and written content. YUCA is edited by Juliana Gómez and Lina Rincón.

For the Sound Alibi & Time Issue (December 2018) I composed the section ‘Paper Gallery’; A Myriad of Sounds and Times

With works by:
Marinus Boezem, Teresa Burga, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Marijn van Kreij, David Lamelas, Alexandra Leykauf, Raúl Marroquín, Raquel Maulwurf, Oscar Abraham Pabón, Antonio Vega Macotela and Guido van der Werve.

Yuca. Sound Alibi & Time Issue. December 2018